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Why Attend?  Tell Your Boss These 10 Reasons:

Want to attend and need to have some reasons for approval? Here's 10 reasons to show your boss:


  1. There will be more than 100 EAs/PAs/key administration staff from some of the leading organisations in South East Queensland attending this event
  2. These people represent your clients, prospects and connections – what a brilliant networking opportunity for them to be the face of your organisation
  3. With West End Community House as the event’s favourite charity, this event will give your organisation an opportunity to flex their Corporate Social Responsibility muscle
  4. One of the experts presenting on the day is sharing how to improve their business writing skills and building relationships/goodwill through these key business communications
  5. Your EAs/PAs/key administration staff will be able to bring back leading edge information to share with your staff and managers
  6. Time away from the office will recharge their batteries
  7. They have been putting in extra hours for weeks, and this is an opportunity for you to say Thanks!
  8. Booking a table for your staff and your client’s PAs would be a great way of giving recognition to your clients
  9. You will be seen to be a strong leader in your market sector
  10. They REALLY want to go as they heard it is THE place for EAs and PAs to be in 2013